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Multiplicity Annual Spring National Juried Art Event

Exhibit dates: March 13- April 10 | 2009

Opening Reception & Awards

March 13 | 6-9pm

Open Free to the Public

Juror Barbara Cooper, internationally exhibited artist and School of the Art Institute professor, viewed more than 300 entries and chose works by forty-one artists from across the country to present a diverse and powerful mix of interpretations of the concept of Multiplicity.

Through painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography and digital media, artists investigate multiple frames and parts, multiple aspects of the same subject, and multiple points of view.  Figurative works allude to memory, dream and personal identity. Abstract compositions suggest organic forms, cosmic landscapes and high-tech fool-the-eye puzzles.

The grid format plays an important part in many of the works in the exhibit.  Artists use repetition, transformation, variations on a single theme, and simple crossing over boundary lines within joined compartments to convey the passage of time, movement through space, and the mysteries of viewing life through several shifting windows all at the same moment.

Multiplicity’s fifty pieces come together as a unified vision of individual strength, fragility, wonder, humor and inventiveness within a multi-faceted and multi-layered approach.

Juror Barbara Cooper  

Juror's Statement

The theme of this exhibition, multiplicity, is the quality of being multiple, manifold, or various.  Ironically, the images I found myself most drawn to were those that revealed the multiple within the “one”.  As with the yin/yang and other meditation symbols, it is how the parts come together to make up the whole that creates the tension and makes the image compelling.  Perhaps I am seeing this quality as a metaphoric paradigm for both the individuals of this country and the nations of the world to move towards.

Award Winners

1st Place $500 | Marc Leone | Erlanger, KY | Crater #1225

2nd Place $350 | Nathan Taves | Columbia City, IN | Number 24

3rd Place Award $150 | Kathy Goodell | Firmament (The Darks)

Scott Anderson  
Wasteland Dates & Addresses (Bush War Series)

Cousandra Armstrong


Jenny Zoe Casey


Larry Chait  

36 Leaves (grid)

Christopher Clark  

Here's What Happenend(Why the Move Didn't Work Out)

Morgan Cook   

Untitled Movement II

Michael Costanza


Claudia Craemer

Janet Gerske

All of My Friends are Here

Karla Hackenmiller

Liminal Slats

Elena Karavodin


Maria Kazanskaya

Seemscape #20

Alexandra Lee


Debra Lepage

Go Forth 2                                                               Fragile


David Levenson

Love Field                                                               Abandoned City


David Marquez 


Patty McWilliams


Lynne Medsker

Art & Nature #7   Art & Nature #12


Sylvia Mullen

Rendered Visible-7 States of Conciousness


David Orr

Light Series (Untitled 1)                                   Silhouette Series (Untitled 8)

Paradise Lost


Roger Paris

Cosmic Reflection

Nick Pena

Jack Knife (Caprice Estate)

Shravan Rajagopal

Kinetic Principle: Shiva's Cosmic Dance                Static Principle: Shiva as Lingam


Amy Richardson

Coincidental Happenings II

Greg Sand  

Morphology 1

Brandon Sanderson

Excursion II

Virginia Saunders

Cardinal 1  Unfolding


Richard Schmidt  


Margie Glass Sula

Tea Leaf

Laura Lein Svencner

Oldfield Oaks

Nathan Taves

Number 18 

Natalie Theis


Sherry Trachtman

Towers and Babel

Jessica VanSwol

Ears: The New Fingerprint Untitled 3

Mary Dorsey Wanless

Evidence of Self

C. Dianne Williams

Hand Bowl

Everett C Williams

Colored African Negro Black    Man 2008  


Carol Wisker

G-Flux (Diptych)  MDM 2 (Triptych)



Jury Process

All media accepted. Original work only.

Please download prospectus for details.

The juror is asked to select work based on the merits of the art and theme of the exhibit.

Artist determines whether the work fits the theme(s).


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