We will be having the reception for both The Long Walk Home and Second Coffee / Prints from The Bird Machine this weekend. 

The Long Walk Home is presented by Bandolier Press from NIU. Much of the work is printmaking based, but not all. We are happy to have three pieces from accomplished artist, Michael Barnes, along with the talented emerging artists affiliated with the university and press. Erin DiGiovanni has three pieces on display, including Miserly Concealment. This piece was just award first place in the Speedball Screen Print Category of their New Impressions Printmaking Competition. 

Second Coffee / Prints from The Bird Machine features work from Jay Ryan, Ashley Elander, and Ben Chlapek. Creative Mornings has a video of one of his lecture available for viewing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX-75PAXhe0 You can see more of these Chicagoland artists work at their websites; thebirdmachine.com, drawashleydraw.com, and neversleeping.com

Stop by this weekend to meet the artists, see their work in person, and have some great conversations.