Union Street Gallery is celebrating 100 years of Jazz as a member of the Southland Arts, Municipalities, and Business Alliance (S.A.M.B.A.) throughout February and April 2017.  There are several notable aspects of Jazz that can be embraced in the visual arts. One of the most commonly addressed is improvisation. While that is not the focus of our call for art, our short timeline for submission pushes artists to quickly make something before the deadline. We hope this encourages artists to embrace more of the improvisational qualities from jazz. Our official jazz focus for this call is syncopation. Syncopation is when several varieties of rhythms work in an unexpected way to create something offbeat.

Union Street Gallery is looking for works of art that visually embrace the idea of syncopation. Works can be created in any medium. The artist must supply equipment for multi-media work if accepted. Work will be selected by Union Street Gallery staff.