Union Street Gallery is
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What is USG's event for Let Them Eat Jazz

April 12 - May 5

Join us for an exhibition that celebrates syncopation, one trait of jazz music. In music, syncopation is an unexpected emphasis or interruption in the rhythm of a piece. This makes the piece off-beat throughout or in certain places. 

Artists will embrace the unexpected and offbeat in their work. Our reception will also highlight syncopation by embracing live painting and the completion of works during the event.  

Stay tuned for more details on artists and specific times. 


Let Them Eat Jazz
Presented by S.a.m.b.a.

Jazz is food for the soul. Hailed as "one of America's original art forms," jazz is difficult to define but easy to taste. Sample 100 years (1917-2017) of flavor in music and food, as the Chicago Southland celebrates the jazz masters who had the recipe for success! 

Let Them Eat Jazz brings together several of the Southland's cultural organizations, businesses, and municipalities to celebrate 100 years of jazz. Following the link to the main S.A.M.B.A. website (click on the logo below) will show you all the coordinated events happening throughout our area February through April 2017. 


What is S.A.M.B.A?
Southland Arts, Municipalities, and Business Alliance (S.A.M.B.A.) is an economic and community development organization. Its mission is to build stronger communities, neighborhoods, and economies by uniting wide-ranging cultural resources with an expanding business community to enrich the lives of the diverse population of Chicago's southern suburbs.

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 SSSBA's Business/Arts Cooperative's mission to generate synergy between business and arts led to the formation of S.A.M.B.A.