Here are some ways to help!

Like most nonprofits, we rely heavily on our supporters to allow us to keep doing what we do.
Every little bit counts and these are some of the main ways people have chosen to help support USG.



Volunteers make the world go round! We have a variety of volunteers. Some come in for special projects or events only, others help us greet visitors and answer phones on a regular basis. It’s so helpful to know the desk is being watched or bathrooms are being cleaned so staff can contact artists or work on plans for future exhibits.

If you would like to volunteer, fill our the form below and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch.

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Every donation counts. Patching walls, ordering postcards, keeping the lights on all add up. Financial donations give us the funds and flexibility to address those costs as they come up.

Follow the donate button below to donate online.

Donate Today

If you would prefer to send a check, our address is

Union Street Gallery
1527 Otto Blvd
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Shop Amazon

We order many of our supplies through Amazon because of their Amazon Smile program, which sends a donation back to us when you shop through the Amazon Smile link.

You can order things we need by shopping our wishlist. Your personal shopping can lead to a donation by clicking the second button.


Become an Intern

Interns are a more dedicated volunteer. Maybe you are in school or just finished and want to gain more experience for your dream job. We have a variety of needs, but are very interested in hearing your goals in order to tailor your experience as best as we can.

If you would like to talk about becoming an intern, send us a resume and cover letter to info at unionstreetgallery dot org. Make sure to tell us about your experience, goals, the experience you think you would like to gain at USG, and the type of time commitment you will be able to make.

Join the Board

Becoming a board member is also a higher level of commitment, like sponsorship. Our board currently meets quarterly with subcommittee and special meetings in between. We have around 6 receptions and 2 special events a year.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, make sure you stop by the next reception to talk to a staff or board members. Volunteering or subcommittees are a good way to see if being a board member will be a good fit for both of us. You can formally share your interest by sending a resume and letter to info at unionstreetgallery dot org. We will make sure it gets passed along to the board.

Sponsor an exhibit or special event

If you are interested in this higher level of support, please contact the director by email to find out more about our current possible sponsorship opportunities. The current email is director at unionstreetgallery dot org